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Geyer Decorating is pleased to quote your project, no matter what size. We do interior and exterior work on large commercial buildings as well as private homes. We also work on new construction projects as well as buildings with existing decoration and furnishing. So whether you're painting a brand new office building for the first time, or just want a new look for your living room, Geyer Decorating is the perfect fit.

Below is a brief list of the painting and wall finishing services that Geyer Decorating provides. All services are quoted on a job-by-job basis taking into account size, required materials, and time needed to complete the job. Please feel free to call us with any questions you may have.

Interior and Exterior Painting
Depending on the project, painting is done with either a brush, roller or sprayer using a variety of finishes. In many cases, all three techniques are combined for a fast, flawless completion. We are skilled at working on metal, wood, plastics, manufactured foam trim, and many other surfaces. In many cases, particularly on exterior work, specialty paints are used to ensure lasting quality.

If you want to finish your walls with wallpaper, Geyer Decorating is the one to call. We'll take care of stripping the existing paper or other covering. We can hang any kind of new treatment including vinyl and grass cloth. We'll also take care of removing and replacing outlet covers and air return vents.

Staining wood rails or trim can really enhance the beauty and uniqueness of a room. Depending on the project, either a brush or a sprayer might be used. We'll also take care of applying sealant and varnish to protect the wood.

Geyer Decorting can help you make that old deck look brand new for your summer cookouts. We'll strip any existing paints or stains, then clean and power wash it before applying pigmented sealers.

Prep Work
Geyer Decorating takes care of all the little details involved in refinishing a room or office so you don't have to worry about a thing. Prep work might include power washing, scraping or stripping old paint or varnish, window glazing, storm window removal and reinstallation, replacing broken windows, caulking, sanding, filling nail holes, light drywall repair, priming, masking, moving furniture, and canvassing off areas not being painted.

Light Drywall Repair
Walls in rough shape? No problem. The pros at Geyer Decorating have years of experience with repairing drywall prior to painting. We'll tape, mud and sand it to a like-new finish.

Faux Finishing
Looking for an artistic wall finish? Geyer Decorating's skilled faux finishers can handle crackle finish, parchment, leather, color wash, and pretty much anything else you can think of. Not sure what you want to do? We'll be happy to recommend some creative finishing techniques for you.

Cement Floors
Painting cement floors involves cleaning and preparing the floor with a neutralizer to ensure a good bond with the paint. We then apply special paint designed especially for cement floors.

Floor and Wall Tile Installation
Geyer Decorating accepts small floor and wall tile installation projects to help finish your room. We can do it all from installing sub-flooring to the grouting and sealing.

I've worked with Geyer Decorating for 10 years and I trust them implicitly.
- Kevin Quantz, Owner of Quantz Construction
Throughout the construction of our new home, your crew was like a ray of sunshine to work with.
- Jamie Helman, Helman Architecture
I always enjoy working with your crew. They are well-mannered, they work together well and they're easy to get along with.
- Erik Sommerud, Great Lakes Builders
We could not be more satisfied. They were on time every day, their quality was second to none and their honesty and integrity are beyond reproach. We cannot recommend them highly enough.
- Greg and Barb McGough, Homeowners
Thanks to you and your crew for a GREAT JOB! We love working with you guys!
- Erik and Linda, Homeowners
Thanks so much for all of your work. The house looks great and we appreciate the extra work on the bay window and skylights. It’s nice to have all of this done.
- Barb and Del, Homeowners
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